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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A complete idiots guide to decorating garments

Over the next few blog entries we will discuss different ways to print on products and wearables, but I thought I would give my readers a brief guide to the options out there and a few pros and cons of each to start.

- works well with heavier weight garments
- very durable so it won't easily wear over time.

- does not work well on light weight garments
- logo reproduction is not 100% accurate

- produces vivid colors
- quick turnaround time

- multiple colors require multiple screens- can get very pricey
- Inks are not always environmentally friendly

- photo-realistic images without the use of screens
- works well on whites and light colored garments

- colors are not as vibrant
- slower process compared to screen printing

- achieves and all over print
- using digital technology so each shirt can be different

- requires 100% polyester garments
- requires lighter colors

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Increase Profit Margins Step 2!

I will only say this once!! DO NOT COMPROMISE ON PRICE!

When distributors lack confidence in their products they immediately lower the price, which ultimately effects their bottom line. This comes out of fear of loosing the sale. Everyone figures that some money is better than none. Especially in this economy we have to keep every sale that we have in our hands. But truthfully maybe the sale should be lost if the profit margins cannot be maintained. The problem is when the owner has the mind of a salesman, you need to keep your businessman hat on and not put on your sales hat. It takes time to realize that the bottom line is more important then the top line.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The new Trend for 10- Vests!

The vest is becoming a fashion staple, and with winter in full swing in most parts of the country vests can be a great item to add to your wardrobe. A vest provides protection and warmth without the confines of a jacket. It's ideal when layering tee shirts or with sweaters or turtlenecks.

Vests come in many different styles, you can get dressy vests or casual outdoor vests for both women and men. Logo's can be embroidered or screen printed onto the front or back of the vest to make a great promo for either customers or employees.

Employees that work outdoors can also have a great use for vests. A car salesman, for example, when they go outside to show cars to customers can just throw on a puffy vest to stay warm in the winter, and with their company logo on the vest they are showing brand loyalty. Vests are also great for people who work indoors as well- a simple vest with a company logo embroidered on the chest can make employees look like a team, without the expense or hassle of having to order full uniforms. Employees can wear their own pants and shirt, but all wear a vest that matches. This look is very professional and is very easy for employees to care for, it's also very fashion forward. So do not count out the vest, it's making a comeback in 2010!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Businesses Get on Facebook!

Facebook has over 150 million users, it is the number one social media network in the world. Facebook lets users create profiles, post status updates, pictures, and connect with friends.

Think of your Facebook network like an email or newsletter list. But don't use it to bombard your friends with pricing specials and sales pitches. The up side is that you have all the personal information people put on their Facebook pages and it can offer insight into their lives. Facebook gives you a snapshot into a prospect, and you can look into their profile. Something that may take numerous luncheons to get to know about someone you can learn in two minutes off their Facebook page.

Facebook offers professional and personal sides of social networking- which mean you can do things more casually on Facebook and get away with it. No more worrying about being all dressed up for the business meeting- you can network on your couch in your pajamas.

The last and most important point when dealing with Facebook is that people buy from their friends. People will buy from people they know and people they like, which is why Facebook is a great resource. So if you are not on Facebook yet, sign up today- it's free at www.Facebook.com.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still Using a Wall Calender?

Well your customers are! With the latest Blackberry's, iPhones, and other smart phones the battle has certainly been on with the traditional date keeper. Although many business men and women are keeping their schedules with smart phones or other electronic devices the traditional desk or wall calender is not quite as extinct as some would like to think. There is a calender is just about every kitchen in the country and best of all for distributors calender orders tend to represent a lot of recurring business this time of the year.

So despite the fact that most of us are toting around our lives in the palm of our hands print calenders remain a lucrative and profitable item. Part of the attractiveness of such a product lies in the ingenuity and innovation that companies are applying to traditional calenders. Ironically, the reach of traditional print calenders seems to extend even further than that of digital calenders. No longer restricted to the desk or wall, print calenders can be found on magnets and just about anything you can think of. Calenders are also used in conjunction with other promotional products- such as notepads, phone books, coupons, folders, or informational packets. Calenders are a great way to get your name out there and keep it out there- because people keep them all year long, so your company name and contact information is in front of your potential customers for 365 days a year!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Increase Profit Margins Part 1

The ideal gross profit margin for an ad specality distributor is in the range of 38-40% and you have to have that margin to grow your business and sustain your growth. Despite the current economic situation there are distributors that are succeeding and are able to maintain those kinds of margins.

But how do you get to, and maintain that level of profitability in the face of an increaingly price concious cleints?

1. Remember that attitude is everything.

You are not selling yourself or the cheapest item out there, you have to beleive in the product. You have to beleive that the product you are showing, because then the client will believe in the product as well. You have to add value to the transaction.

2. Provide top notch customer service.

One important way to add value is by offering your clients exceptional customer service during each step of the selling process. Price means nothing, as long as you are accessable and the order is completed and delivered without any issues. Keeping profit margins high mean keeping clients happy.

Stay tuned for more ways to increase your profit margins.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Neckwear- who knew?

With the ever changing economy it's more important than ever to look the part and look professional and nothing says professional like a necktie sporting your corporate logo or corporate colors. Ties give the wearer the ability to be fashionable, professional with subtle branding. Sometimes a T-shirt or a polo shirt is not enough- sometimes you need something with an impact that says fine clothing and class. Unlike tradition garments neck wear decoration is not limited to one small location. Instead neck wear can feature logos and corporate colors in a beautiful subtle pattern. These patterns can emulate famous brands turning logos into attractive pattens that end users are excited about wearing. For a winning co-ed corporation promotion, I would suggest a branded silk tie for men and a silk scarf for women. Neck wear allows employees to be uniform without wearing standardized uniforms. Neck wear is easy to wear in the summer or the winter and is convenient and comfortable for all.